While we don't often find ourselves wishing we had a daily commute down the Peninsula, this adorable news we just can't even deal with: A mother fox and her adorable litter of pups have made their home between the buildings of Facebook's Menlo Park campus. It's almost enough to make us want to stow away on the next shuttle bus down 280, and steal them for ourselves.

Foxes have been spotted roaming the campus of the social networking behemoth since last year, but much more recently a mother fox — who Peninsula hackers have lovingly named "Firefox" — and a male mate made a den under a deck next to a zen garden between the product and sales buildings. Alexis Smith, who created the FB Fox Facebook page for employees to share sightings, tells the Wall Street Journal the company is talking to local wildlife services to make sure company employees properly respects the fox family's nonexistent privacy settings.

Naturally, with so many Facebook-connected people around there are plenty of photos being shared on the FB Fox page. So far it has racked up more than twice as many likes as there are Facebook employees and Zuckerberg himself is among the fans. Luckily for everyone involved, there is some over-the-top adorable footage:


Anyway, good to see that Boo the dog is no longer the cutest thing around Facebook.