Almost 20 years ago, Suppenküche came to Hayes Valley and changed the neighborhood for good. This Thursday, the noted German restaurant and biergarten will celebrate the big 2-0 by a) having a party and b) dressing up its staff like gnomes.

"This year we come to dance dressed as Gnomes (Gartenzwerg)," Suppenküche notes on their site. "Our regular service is cancelled (and our Biergarten will closed for the party[ing] at Suppenküche) - we have a special menu, special bier, special music, special T-shirts, special gifts, special decor and special friends. As always, everyone is welcome, so stop in, share some fun and toast the next twenty(thousand) years!"

The festivities start at 5 p.m. at 525 Laguna (at Hayes) in S.F. You should also plan to dress in gnome-ian attire.