Another gay bar is in trouble, folks. Esta Noche, one of the few remaining LGBT clubs in the increasingly homogeneous Mission District is facing closure. And they need your help. "Last year the Board of Supervisors passed laws that can make it harder for some small businesses to afford their permitting and license fees," notes the Save Esta Noche Facebook page. "Unfortunately, Esta Noche will have to pay for all their licenses in one bulk payment which is already one month late."

Basically, the local business needs $9,000 in two weeks to stay open. Esta Noche is one of the city's only Latino queer clubs. And the Mission already has enough artisan craft cocktail bullshittery. Noche needs to remain where it is. If you donate, every dollar will go to the nightclub staying open (additional donations will be given to El/La,. a trans-Latina nonprofit in the Mission).

You can donate here. Do it if you can. Do it as often as you can.

Also, on May 18th local queer DJs, drag luminaries, and wonks will come together for a big ol' party at the 16th Street club to help raise funds. You can find out more details here.