The latest in the fiasco surrounding the roughly 1,200 bolts on the new Bay Bridge span that may or may not be too brittle to withstand an earthquake is that Governor Jerry Brown has weighed in on the mess. And he's not sounding too bothered.

The situation has become an enormous PR nightmare for CalTrans in addition to being a potentially difficult situation logistically when it comes to examining and replacing all the bolts without putting the entire project behind schedule.

But Brown may have point when it comes to the now daily media frenzy about this thing, because it is, after all, a highly complex construction project, and it will, eventually, get done. "Don't know if it's a setback," he said to reporters. "I mean, look, shit happens. There are very professional engineers that are looking at this thing, and when they're ready to give us their report, I think the public will be satisfied."

He added that it would be "premature to pull our hair out" over all this. Hear that? Let go of your hair, reporters.

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