A reported 30 to 40 people attended an anti-gentrification block party in the Mission on Sunday where, among other things, a Google Bus piñata was smashed to ribbons. "The scent of sage was strong, but the revolution was falling short," notes Kevin Montgomery of Uptown Almanac, who attended the rally. He adds: "[A]ll that could be found around 2:30 in the afternoon were roughly 30-40 people surrounding an open-mic, a dozen or so taking advantage of the free food situation, [and] about a million cops stationed around the neighborhood."

Google's company bus, if you recall, caused controversy last week after a Chronicle op-ed chided the private buses, and the tech people who ride them, for not being civic-minded or terribly polite.

In the end, the party wasn't much of a call to action. And so many cops! They showed up en masse, shut down the open-mic, and briefly closed the 16th Street BART station entrance. Mission Mission's Andrew Sarkarati gives us the final word, saying, "I think the police were the most disappointed, as they had all assembled nearby, zip-ties and paddy wagons waiting for protestor violence that never happened."

Watch the Google Bus effigy beatdown:

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