After we learned all about serial joyrider Dmitri Storm yesterday, the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Department held a press conference to lay out even more details about their current most wanted suspect, who also happens to be the Bay Area's most interesting criminal at the moment. Not only is he a schizophrenic master of disguise, but he's also got a history of indecent exposure, believes he is an officer of the law and is apparently impervious to stun guns.

The 42-year-old Storm has been in and out of trouble with the law since he turned 18. Most of his criminal history is for drug charges, fighting with police or resisting arrest, but he does have one indecent exposure charge on his rap sheet as well. In the last month or so, he has burglarized more than 40 cars, and made off with ten.

On April 5th, a few weeks before he picked up a hitchhiker and tried to take her stargazing, Sonoma County police found him sleeping in a stolen GMC Arcadia they tracked to Petaluma with the car's GPS. When an officer tried to taze him, the stun gun reportedly "had no effect on him." He made off in the same stolen SUV and led police on a chase south to Marin County. The vehicle was later found ditched in Woodacre, where Storm had entered an unlocked home, shaved off his beard and changed clothes before making off with a Toyota Highlander.

According to a timeline of his crimes posted by the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Department, over the next two weeks Storm stole an Audi Q5, a Kia Soul and a Ford Explorer before he was spotted trying to pick a fight with a convenience store clerk in Big Sur and zipping around the coast in a silver Lexus on April 17th. Five days later, the sketched out hitchhiker called the cops on him while they were parked at Cloud Rest Vista Point near Palo Alto. (Not, as previously reported, along Highway 1.)

Anyhow, authorities have no idea how he's been surviving out there in the semi-rugged wilderness in between these various Bay Area exurbs. One would think he was doing a lot of dining at gas stations and sleeping with the seat reclined, but he hasn't been spotted on surveillance footage at any area convenience stores in the past 30 days and he usually ditches his vehicle before it runs out of gas. According to Chief Deputy Jim Hart of the SCSD, Storm "believes he is a police officer" and he's a loner with no residence, no girlfriend and an estranged family. His mother, on the other hand, has mentioned that the suspect is most likely off his meds and experiencing a schizophrenic episode brought on by a recent breakup.

Although Storm has yet to harm anyone on his Bay Area-wide crime spree, he has been known to carry a gun and a knife, leading the department to issue a Storm Warning.

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