Lovers of cheap well drinks and controversy rejoice: this Saturday, local racetrack Golden Gate Fields will begin offering an all-you-can-drink deal that gives race patrons from noon to 5 p.m. to guzzle as much liquor as they feel makes the $30 ticket worth it (five? Six?).

The tracks "have some fun while the horses run" marketing strategy is designed to attract more young, booze-loving folk to the tracks, which, if you don't know, are actually pretty darn fun to visit. But concerned citizens are up in arms about the deal, including an anonymous group that claims to represent concerned racetrack employees, which stated that:

"We must allow our job-security concerns to take a back seat to the concerns about the health and welfare of our fellow employees, patrons and any other potential victims of drunken behavior and drunk driving.’’

Golden Gate Field marketing manager Dan Cirimele told the Chronicle that bottomless Saturdays are a way to attract the 25- to 35-year-old set who may not have enough money to eat and drink at the track while still placing bets. β€œIn no way are we inviting people to come out and drink until they are blacked out or belligerent."

The Saturday program comes in addition to the long-running Dollar Day on Sundays, which features $1 beers, $1 parking, $1 admission and $1 hot dogs. Sunday may be more our personal speed, but whether you're pounding well G&T's or dollar beers, please remember to saddle up your designated driver before heading home.

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