In the cutest bit of drama today, Angel Pagán's dog, Maximo (a Bichon Frisé, perhaps?) went missing today outside of his Potrero Hill home. And who had the hot scoop? Mrs. Nicole Vogelsong, wife of Ryan Vogelsong, who you SHOULD be following on Twitter. (Pst, you should be following ALL of the Giants' wives on Twitter, really. Intriguing stuff.) Behold:

A few minutes later, Windy Pagán, wife of Angel, tweeted the following:

That? Is adorable. And it makes one wonder: Are all of the Giants' wives friends? We'd like to think so — going shopping at Macy's and lunching together at restaurants with "grille" in the name. Or, at the very least, we'd like to believe there's tons of Real Housewives-tinged drama between them all. Then again, we just can't picture Kristen Posey screaming "Bye, Ashy!" at Amber Seyer outside MoMo's as they both get into their respective, presumably high-priced vehicles. Alas.

Anyway, there you have it.