What's that? You're phone's ringing while you're in the car and your headphones are all tangled up? Let it ring, friend. Let it ring.

The cops are going to be out in force this week as part of a statewide crackdown on distracted driving, basically enforcing the already existing laws against texting and talking on a hand-held cell phone — Bluetooth and headphones are ok, but if you have both earbuds in, that's not ok.

FYI, it is ok to dial the phone while driving. It's discouraged, but not illegal. Which seems weird, since texting is illegal. But if you got pulled over for texting, technically you could claim you were just dialing the phone to talk on speaker phone. Just a tip. But you shouldn't be doing either!

But be careful out there on the roads, whipping out your phone and thinking it's business as usual. You just might get a ticket.

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