When it comes to delivering movies in unique sing-a-long format, no other venue stands and delivers quite like the Castro Theater. The theater's sing-a-longs represent a rare event where little kids in adorable costumes can rub shoulders with unapologetic adults in a wholesome yet unrelentingly fun environment, no cocktails necessary (although we do suggest loading up on Hot Cookie before taking your seat).

Now, beloved Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is getting the sing-a-long treatment. Tonight marks the first screening of Beauty and the Beast, hosted by Laurie Bushman and Sara Moore and complete with themed goodie bags (we can speak to the charming The Little Mermaid goodie bags, which included faux pearl necklaces, plastic dinglehoppers and bubbles to blow during Ariel's bath scene). But the best part is the movie's specially-adapted song subtitles, which allow you to belt out songs like 'Be Our Guest' with accuracy as well as aplomb.

Check out the decades-old trailer to get in the mood, or go straight to our favorite Disney parody video ever.

Sing-A-Long Beauty and the Beast
March 27-31 and April 3-5, 7 p.m.
Castro Theater, 429 Castro St., S.F.
Tickets available via Ticketweb