There was a time when a Dave Chappelle appearance in the Bay Area was thrilling and rare. These days, it's like Dave Chappelle just shows up whenever he's bored. We once heard a local comedian describe Chappelle as using the Bay Area as his personal ATM machine, and since bitter comic gossip is gospel, we were all, "Yeah! We're over it too!"

He was, after all, JUST HERE. The sophisticated comedy street credibility of seeing Dave Chappelle live in a small San Francisco venue is long since gone. Now it's like waiting in line at Bi-Rite. No one's impressed.

That said, everyone we know is very excited that Dave Chappelle will tell his often hilarious jokes tonight and tomorrow at The Chapel on Valencia Street. And look... tickets did not, in fact, immediately sell out this time. Instead, they took a sluggish 15 minutes to fly out the door. Expect the $56 tickets to hit Stubhub for a cool $200 or more any moment now.