Lady T, center, with Cockfight go-go boys. Photo: Georg Lester

S.F. is a town full of characters, and today we bring you the sad news that one of them has passed away. Lady T, who was familiar to some Lower Haight denizens and to most anyone who spent time at Underground SF, was apparently hospitalized with walking pneumonia, and died earlier this week at her home.

Unfortunately, we don't know a lot about her, or even her real name, and we're seeking more information from the community of friends who may have known her. All that we do know is that she was a military veteran, having served in the Army during the first Gulf War, and she lived about a block away from Underground. But if anyone has any more stories or details to share, please leave them in the comments below.

As Underground SF bartender and former owner Cip Cipriano tells SFist, he welcomed her into the bar as soon as it opened, even though she was allegedly banned from The Top, the bar that previously occupied the space, because the owners thought she was a vagrant. "She came in every night. Every night that bar was open. And danced to whatever music was playing," he says.

Whether the crowd was gay or straight on any given night, Lady T could be found grooving out with a glass of wine, occasionally getting up on a box to dance.

She will hopefully serve as an example to all of us as someone who enjoyed life, and a few glasses of white wine, as much as she could while she was alive.

There will reportedly be an informal memorial for her fans at Viennetta Discoteque on Monday.