A 300-pound "possibly Samoan" man set off an unfortunate series of events when he tried to squeeze into a packed Muni bus in the Excelsior last weekend. The man reportedly attempted to cram himself into the bus near the back doors by pushing a 15-year-old girl to make room for himself.

According to police, the girl was riding the crowded 14-Mission bus with her mother and told the suspect there was no more room for his hefty girth, but he kept pushing anyway. When the girl apparently couldn't take the shoving any longer, she wheeled around and slapped the man, who sounds like he could use a lesson in public transit etiquette.

The suspect then flipped out, punched the girl in the face and then started to strangle her. The mother went into protective mode and started trying to pull the 300-pound man off her daughter, but she ended up getting punched herself. The suspect fled the scene along with a friend who stole the mother's purse in the process. Somehow, no one felt the urge to chase the guy down and the suspects were still at large as of Wednesday afternoon.

The mother and daughter were both treated at a local hospital, but their injuries were not considered life-threatening.

The 300-pounder is described as a bald, possibly Samoan man in his 30s, about 6-foot-2. He was wearing a black hoodie, jeans and red-and-black headphones (Beats by Dre, if we had to guess). SFPD says they're pulling the Muni surveillance footage so they can plaster this guy's mugshot all over the town. In the meantime, let's all review proper backdoor boarding protocol.