Behold: Five of the ten finalists in the 2013 Mr. Marina Competition, all dolled up in their finest underoos and spray-on bronze from a local salon. This photo should serve as a retina-searing reminder that tonight marks the second annual Mr. Marina male beauty pageant and charity drinking event.

This year's competition has already seen shameless self-promotion from contestants in the form of rap videos, stunt tattoos and an endorsement from at least one hyperlocal Internet celebrity. And we're told the boys have been hard at work at an opening number in the style of Magic Mike/a vintage Miss America dance routine.

SFist will be in attendance tonight, of course, with frustratingly hungover analysis to follow on Thursday. In the meantime, onlookers eager to see those airbrushed abs in person should should know there are still tickets available to tonight's shindig at Ruby Skye.

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