Got weekend plans? Cancel 'em if you're into flannel and high-waisted stonewashed denim. That's right: you're invited to open the time capsule that is The Real World: San Francisco, with an all-weekend marathon screening on MTV. The third (and, let's face it, best) season of MTV's Real World aired in 1994, back when the "seven strangers picked to live in a house" on Lombard Street weren't exclusively spray-tanned fame whores getting wasted 24/7.

It's the most emotionally fraught season of the show, with relationships between housemates Judd, Rachel, Pedro, Cory, Mohammed, Pam and, of course, the terrifying Puck touching on themes of race, religion, politics and especially HIV/AIDs. Pedro died of complications from HIV/AIDS just hours after the finale of the season aired in late 1994.

If you watched the show, you'll also remember the despicable bike messenger Puck, who was evicted from the house for being a horrible person (he's currently serving jail-time for stalking). And who can forget aspiring cartoonist Judd and med-school student Pam, whose real-life romance blossomed through sharing their mutual grief over Pedro's death? Judd and Pam, it should be noted, are now married and live in San Francisco.

Watch to take a voyage back in time:

MTV says RW:SF will air on Sunday, but check your local listings.