Wednesday afternoon, a Muni bus clobbered a fire hydrant at the intersection of Mission and Main Streets, shearing it completely off and causing the city to spring yet another leak. Fire crews on the scene handily plugged the six-story geyser, but not before the fountain could inspire a gushing list of San Francisco's best street geysers:

7. Mission and Main Streets, Muni bus vs. Hydrant. March 2013:


6. Folsom Street at 20th, Unknown Cause. February 2012

5. Guerrero Street at 18th Street, Car vs. Hydrant. August 2007:


4. Valencia Street near Duboce, Car vs. Hydrant. October 2011:

3. Sanchez and Day Streets, Unknown Cause. September 2012:

(Photo: David Gallagher)

2. Divisadero and Hayes Streets, Car vs. Hydrant. March, 2013:

Photo: Andrew Dalton/SFist

And by far, the most scenic:

1. Lombard Street, Car vs. Hydrant. March 2012:

Photo credit: Kalanikoa

Honorable Mention: This delightful waterfall at Haight and Fillmore, Muni bus wheelchair lift vs. Hydrant. February 2010:

Photo: Matthew Grimm