You know what trend we don't mind? Donuts. Wait, are they still a thing now? Have we moved on to bread pudding yet? or baked Alaska? or strawberry shortcake popsicles? Regardless, donuts, like the earthy black truffle or egg covered in aspic, will always hold a place in our heart. And with that, Sauver recently released a list featuring America's 50 Best Donuts. And three of them can be found here in the Bay Area — two in San Francisco, one in Yountville.

They are:

Bouchon Bakery
"Brioche donuts are a weekend-only delicacy at Thomas Keller's wine country boulangerie.
6528 Washington Street, Yountville; 707/944-22531"

Bob's Donut & Pastry Shop
"The right place for cake dunkers and glazed featherweights under fluorescent lights 24/7.
1621 Polk Street, San Francisco; 415/776-3141"

Dynamo Donuts
"Sidewalk noshers line up at this 21st-century fry shack, helmed by a trained pastry chef, for the organic whole-breakfast donut topped with bacon, apples, and maple glaze.
2760 24th Street, San Francisco; 415/920-1978"

Check out the entire list here.