Now that some radically moderate folks in the Castro have banned no-bottoms nudity throughout San Francisco, this Saturday's annual World Naked Bike Ride took on a new layer to it's NSFW mission of delivering "a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world" through naked bicycling.

The ride/exhibitionist show (which is really more like the "World Clothing Optional Bike Ride" or "World Men In Thongs Bike Ride") is essentially an event to raise awareness of the fact that some people are the sort of people who have decided they would like to live in a world where they could bike naked just for the hell of it. And that's great. People who want to ride their bikes naked once a year should be allowed to do that on Naked Bike Protest Day. We're guessing most of them won't be commuting to work like this anytime soon anyway.

As far as we can tell, no citations were issued for being naked on Saturday, so we can safely assume SFPD is sticking to their promise to lay off on enforcing the ban during specific events. Still, one man chose to protest the nudity ban by actually putting on more clothes — specifically a t-shirt reading, "Screw The Nudity Ban" — which seems kind of counterintuitive, if you ask us. Pulling a Donald Duck and going pantsless with a t-shirt would have been way more effective at sticking it to the man.

Others made up for it though and stripped down to their tennis shoes and speedos and painted-on areola flowers and dong adornments all in the name of creating their idea of a perfect San Francisco where anybody could freely disrobe and ride a bicycle down the street, unmolested by cops and creeps. And now, here we are on the Internet looking through a gallery of photos we probably shouldn't be on our work computers. And yet none of us have been fired today. Body-positive culture achieved. The event worked.