Sutro Sam, the young river otter who captivated a city when he first showed up in the Sutro Baths to sun himself last October, has not been spotted around his personal lap pool in weeks, leading SFist to speculate that he moved to Oakland with everybody else.

Although he spent much of the Fall and Winter delighting tourists and occasionally terrifying us with his fowl bloodlust, the outerlands nature watchers at RichmondSF report he may have abandoned the Sutro Baths for any number of reasons. With springtime afoot he may be looking for some sweet otter love. Being the only river otter in San Francisco he would have to decamp from his oceanfront bachelor pad to do so and we have it on good authority that there are totally some hot, aquatic mustelid babes over there in Oakland.

It's also possible that he ate all the freshwater fish in his little pond (read: grew tired of the food in his neighborhood) and was forced to leave in search of a place with more diverse dining options. We hear there's a pretty good seafood pop-up at a cool new ramen place in Rockridge.

Anyhow, since we may never see him again (even though we will make tons of promises to visit soon) here's the first time we met on that sunny day in October:

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