Were you having a good week? Too bad. We're here to shed some light on the housing situation in San Francisco. And it's brutal. For us, anyway. You too, we can only assume. This map (via Zumper) shows the average rent in February 2013 for a 1BR in varying San Francisco neighborhoods.

Some key factoids:

• The most expensive neighborhood to rent a 1BR is in terminally dull (save for AT&T Park) South Beach! (followed closely by the FiDi.)
Hayes Valley is slightly more expensive than the city's second most obnoxious neighborhood, The Mission.
• The cheapest neighborhood on the map is the Outer Mission/Excelsior.
• The average price of a 1BR in SF is $2,700 (this according to Zumper, "is based on averaging all of the data points from each neighborhood, not the average prices of the neighborhoods.")

Remember when you could rent a studio on Dolores and 18th just across from Dolores Park for only $550? We do because we did. And we gave it up in order to live with boys in the Castro and party at the Detour every night. Granted, this was in the late '90s, but still. Hindsight is 20/20, folks. Alas.

This map is brought to you by Zumper, a new search site for apartment rentals "focused on bringing renters the most accurate listing inventory, which is updated real-time." So, it's like a heat map of sorts and a free rental listing service. Read about them on TechCrunch.

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