Today in Bay Bridge news, we have a roundup of stuff relating to The Bay Lights grand premiere on Tuesday, and news about the planned Labor Day Weekend event to christen the new eastern span.

First off, you can forget about getting reservations anywhere on the Embarcadero, and places like the HiDive and Sinbad's are likely to be mobbed. But you never know! The back patio at La Mer could be fun, but the whole back of the Ferry Building will, we promise, be chaos. Anyway, here are a few suggestions for where to eat around there from 7x7.

Just FYI, there's been a lot of press about this. Even Salon and the Wall Street Journal wrote about it. The coverage is only going to intensify by Monday, so we're assuming there will droves of people in KFOG Kaboom numbers.

So, two words of advice: Treasure Island.

In other news, a Richmond-based event planning firm has gotten a contract to plan the Labor Day weekend festivities to celebrate the opening of the new eastern span of the bridge. Hartmann Studios just won the the $5.6 million contract from the Bay Area Toll Authority. So, that party, with the possible walk across the bridge by a million or so people, is moving forward. You've been warned.

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