Earlier this month, Facebook employee JP pulled off a coordinated social media/real life stunt proposal by enlisting friends, coworkers and his Twitter-employee-girlfriend's Facebook stalking habits to successfully sneak up on her in Dolores Park and pop the question in front of friends, family and everyone on gay beach. Naturally, the whole thing has been documented for YouTube:

To briefly summarize the plan, after a day of wandering through the Dogpatch and Mission Districts of San Francisco, we found ourselves "unexpectedly" meeting our friends at Dolores Park. What the video doesn't capture is that immediately after I stepped away from the group, three of her coworkers bombed her phone with tweets telling her to watch a video. The rest is history.

The video is one-part Zero Dark Thirty and one part commercial for Facebook's (occasionally creepy) Social Search engine, but there's something about seeing a new bride-to-be have the everliving crap scared out of her by a boyfriend with a ring (on a nice day in the park, no less) that should warm up even the coldest spinster hearts. Newly engaged Genevieve even blogged about the most epic day of her life.

Epilogue: everyone goes for a big engagement party on the patio of Mission Bowling Club.