The 21-year-old woman who told police she was beaten and raped while walking along a wooded area on the UCSC campus has reportedly confessed to investigators that, in fact, the attack was a hoax. The unidentified woman could face criminal charges for making the false report.

"The report of this incident has very understandably created a deep sense of unease among UCSC students, staff, and faculty, as well as residents of the Santa Cruz area," UCSC Police Chief Nader Oweis said in a press release, according to Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Before any rape apologists get on their high, sanity-estranged horses in the comments, we direct you to the graph from The Enliven Project (via Jez). It uses data from Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey and FBI reports to show both how little rapes are reported and how rarely rapists go to jail. And way down at the bottom you can see how few false accusations are.

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