Do you suffer from a fear of swimming in lakes (or "limnophobia")? Are you leery of having something slimy and scaly brush up against you whilst blithely enjoying a day at the lake? Have you been dreading karmic retribution for that time your neighbor dared you to swallow your pet goldfish? Then you will doubtless find this next bit of news interesting.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, biologists have discovered an alarming invasion of overgrown goldfish in Lake Tahoe, the Bay's prime freshwater getaway. Some of the fish have grown to 18 inches in length and weigh in at around 4 lbs, substantially bigger than their fish tank forebears. Initially caused by what researchers suspect to be aquarium dumping (or what small children and Finding Nemo fans might dub "setting them freeeeee!"), the invasion has some worried that the delicate eco-system of the lake could be at risk.

Goldfish are omnivorous and their indulgent eating habits could cause competition for native trout, not to mention the fact that their excrement stimulates dangerous algae growth in a body of water we've been aggressively bumper-stickering to keep blue.

And the worst part? Just in time for spring/summer weekends at the lake, they're breeding.

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