A much discussed ballot measure that we will likely see on this November's ballot, endorsing the renaming of San Francisco International Airport after slain gay supervisor Harvey Milk, does not in fact have the support of a majority of San Franciscans. There were only 500 people polled, and these were only "likely voters" (i.e. old people), however 61% of them said they oppose the renaming. Do they just hate gay people? Or are they just afraid of change?

The airport is already super phallic, but we digress.

District 9 Supervisor David Campos, who is also gay, proposed the change last month, noting that "80 other U.S. airports are already named for individuals, none of whom are gay." The poll was taken in January, and Campos says "a lot has changed" since then. The proposed name change has not yet come before the Board, and allegedly Campos is still trying to find a sixth vote among his colleagues to get it on the ballot, with no one having publicly said they oppose it.

Anyway, however mythologized Harvey Milk has been, we understand he was just a guy who engaged in local politics, and one of his biggest accomplishments as supervisor had to do with making people pick up their dog shit in public parks. He holds a near and dear place in gay history, however, being the first openly gay elected official in the country, and San Francisco should be proud of that. Not ashamed. You hear that, old people?

Stay tuned for monthly updates on this very exciting story, until November.

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