Pansy Division, they're back! Jumping on the national radar when they opened for Green Day back in the day, Pansy Division forged their own road and diehard fanbase. And with good reason; they write and croon queercore ditties about "cocksucking, butt fucking, gayness," and everything else that's good about being gay and being alive.

Riddled with fitting exclamation, they write:

Well the Eagle isn’t open yet but will be asap … so please join us at El Rio this Thursday, February 21st for the rare and beautiful thing that is the legendary PANSY DIVISION live in concert!!! All you favorite songs about cocksucking butt fucking gayness, live and loud and proud!!!

The night also features special musical guests ZBORNAK, as well as awesome song wrangling from the amazing HARD FRENCH DJs Brown Amy and Carnita before and after the bands…. all of this fabulousness gussied up for you by hostess with the mostess Miss Anna Conda!

Show starts at 8:30 at El Rio. Ticket are only $8 (that's crazy cheap). Show up early. More details.

[via Mission Mission]