Your SFist editor knows all too well the dizzy highs and painful lows of being a redhead. While our hair is, arguably, the standout in a crowded room, we can go from diaphanous white to charred red within minutes of lollygagging at Dolores Park. And yet? We still love the sun. But how can we enjoy it effectively with no fuss, muss, and/or malignant melanoma? Enter the Light Skin Sunlight Seekers group.

In a lengthy missive, group organizer Ken explains thusly:

The spectrum of human DNA overlaps with the spectrum of the sunrise and the sunset enabling us to tune in the best time of day for our skin to see the sun; the best time of day to promote a radiant appearance, health, and Vitamin D, without any damage. There will be two such time frames each day; one after sunrise and one before sunset. What's the best time for you? What about the effects of clouds, forests, elevation, or other atmospheric conditions? The only way to know is to collect the data. A sun sensor would allow people to gather this data, and, in time, we would learn the correlations... but since we don't have that data today, those of us with light skin can simply be smart and enjoy the sun close to sunrise or sunset. It would be nice to make this a social experience! A good analogy for the sun and our health is water. Both the sun and water are fundamental to life, yet, in modern society, we've somewhat discarded the sun's importance. We've been trained about the dangers of the sun without being taught how to tune in the best time of day for our skin to get the benefits of the sun without the damage. Imagine that your drinking water supply is very limited and rationed for a whole week; you will quickly lose energy and become unhappy and less healthy. Same is true for the sun. We might get a little incidental contact or reflection from the sun, but that's a very limited supply. Most people don't even know the benefits of getting the proper amount of sun at the proper time for your skin DNA. I do... I've discovered that it promotes the next level of excellence, energy, intellect, social interaction, and health; about 20 to 30 minutes every day, or every other day, with as little clothing on as possible seems to be about right. Since I have very light skin, I go out from 30 minutes to 1 hour after sunrise or before sunset. It is genuinely life changing; just like having an unlimited supply of drinking water. Go find out what you've been missing! What can we do in the sun? Anything. We'll be wearing as little as possible... shorts, bikinis... and perhaps we'll play with a ball, dance, stretch, or do some other sort of exercise to pass the time. It's especially exciting when it's kind of cold! The meet times for this group will be set to accommodate light skin; close to sunrise or sunset, but, of course, anybody that wants to enjoy sun during that time of day is welcome to enjoy it! I don't know who might be interested in this, but I thought I'd give a shout out to any that might benefit from it.

All skin types, of course, are welcome. Plus, this might be a great way for you pasty people to get out in the sun now and then. For more details, check out the group's meetup page.

As always, send and any all redhead-related tips to [email protected].

[h/t: Stephen Bassman]