If you haven't been watching RuPaul's Drag Race, we have some sad news for you. (And if you still have it on your DVR, we apologize right now for the spoiler, but you should obviously just be avoiding the internet if you care that much.) S.F.'s last best hope for some representation in the upper echelons of Drag Race history, Honey Mahogany, was dismissed during last night's episode. And it was all thanks, in part, to a dress she borrowed from S.F. drag queen bee Juanita More.

This is the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, and, astoundingly, it's the first time a San Francisco drag queen has been invited to compete on the show. But it's not astounding when you know, as Honey admitted during the promotion for the season, that S.F. drag tends to be less about being pretty and more about being "artsy," dark, and "blood-and-guts." She also said during last night's Untucked post-show, much to the astonishment of the assembled queens, that San Francisco drag "isn't so much about the look."

She had a good run, and the talented Ms. Mahogany will obviously be back in the spotlight soon, no doubt — first off, she has a new single out, "It's Honey," and the video just dropped today. She's also going to continue hosting Monday evening screenings of the show at the Midnight Sun in the Castro.

But Ms. More was more than a little appalled during last night's episode to see the orange-sequined kaftan/dress, designed by local drag couturier Mr. David and that she lent to Honey, get ripped apart on the runway. A number of the other contestants crowed that Honey needed to stop wearing muumuus, and guest judge Chaz Bono also commented that Honey should have shown off more of her figure. Regular Santino Rice commented saying that it looked like she'd just cut a hole in the fabric for her head "and threw on a belt."

Ms. More writes in:

The design is based on something from John Paul Gaulthier's Fall 2010 couture collection [center image above], and it's eight yards of fabric. One continuous cut, very classic Mr. David cut. I kept thinking, 'My dress got Honey kicked off! And then everyone continued to read my dress!'

There were a few other factors in Rupaul's decision to tell Honey to sashay away, namely that she didn't do a very good Diana Ross impression and she failed to prove that she wanted to stay while lip-synching for her life. But, alas, the community may continue to blame that kaftan.

Update: Honey Mahogany herself responds, "AND FOR THE RECORD, I said 'In San Francisco the look doesn't matter... as much as the performance.' We value the heart over the facade. It was taken out of context, and edited to be... controversial. I love you, San Francisco. And I stand by what I said."

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