In a face-off between two impeccably coifed brunettes, former mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom went on The Colbert Report to shill for his new book Citizenville and bat around buzzwords with the jocular pundit.

Right from the start, Colbert recognizes he and Gavin are cut from the same cloth — which also means he can smell Newsom's jargon-laden book pitch coming a mile away:

Colbert: How can we take the town square digital? [...]

Newsom: The whole idea is this: Right now, we have a broadcast model of governing. You vote and I decide. You understand this intimately. You've seen the contours of this change in the media and certainly in the music industry. Big is getting small and small is getting big. Technology has the ability to level the playing field.

Colbert: What the fuck does any of that mean?

Perfect. Watch the rest, in which Colbert figures out how to "hyperlink our engagement to democracy," below:

[Colbert Nation]