For anyone who ever thought Bay to Breakers was four miles too long and not nearly neon-colored enough, a new fun-running sensation directed at fans of EDM and fitness who apparently don't have the attention span or musical taste to get through a Rock 'n Roll half marathon is poised to sweep the nation in 2013.

As the organizers of The Rave Run explain on their promotional website:

The Rave Run was founded in 2012 by a runner, an artist and an insomniac. The idea was to bring the adrenaline pumping music and special effects from electronic festivals onto a 5K course. The dazzling light effects are designed by EDC artists and industry experts. It’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory except with lights. It’s candy for your eyes and ears. It’s a glow run…gone wild! Get ready for the night of your life. Experience a magical world of light and sound unlike anything else out there.

Before we can pass this off as a one-time event put on by the Raving Runners of Riverside County, apparently this idea of jogging through a Willy Wonka-esque tunnel of lights while high on molly or whatever has nationwide appeal. The Rave Run will thump and bass and blink and glow and maybe cause seizures in 34 American cities from L.A. to Tampa and Boston to Portland.

Another similar event called the Electric Run is already well into its tour of 26 cities nationwide. The Electric Run bills itself as so much more than just a fun run: "a show, participation art, and celebration of life." Like Burning Man without the commitment and a Deadmau5 set at the end. Of course the lighting technicians have solid rave resumés, boasting experience in Vegas and Coachella. The lights along the route will pulse to the beat! Rivers may glow in otherworldly hues! There will be "red rock cliffs glowing in psychedelic colors and patterns!" There will probably be a neon cactus! So it will be like any other acid trip, except you have to pay an entry fee and there's a finish line. An early edition took place in rave-friendly Orange County, California last year:

The Electric Run apparently comes to San Francisco on April 27th of this year, although there are no details at this point. The Bay Area's edition of the Rave Run takes place at the Santa Clara Fair Grounds in San Jose on Saturday, May 11. Ravers/runners who don't get up before 2 p.m. have nothing to fear here though, the 3.1 mile fun run has a 9 p.m. start time, which somehow still seems like too early to be be doing pre-race lines of cocaine in the portapotties.