As we've reported earlier, two guys who attend Boalt Hall law school at Berkeley were caught on security cameras at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, likely during a bender, chasing a bird that was part of a wildlife exhibit, and one of them then allegedly beheaded it. Now the one who's accused in the killing has pleaded not guilty.

Justin Alexander Teixeira's attorney appeared in court in Las Vegas today to enter a plea of not guilty. Teixeira, who lives in Placerville, did not attend the hearing.

Teixeira, 24, and his friend Eric Cuellar, 25, stand accused of animal cruelty, and Teixeira is also accused of felony animal killing and torturing charges following the October incident at the Vegas hotel involving a helmeted guineafowl, and threw the body of the bird at his friend.

If convicted, Teixeira could face up to four years jail time and it could seriously jeopardize his legal career. The judge scheduled a hearing for April 24, at which time he will decide if there's enough evidence to proceed.

Cuellar previously pleaded guilty to lesser charges, paid a small fine and restitution to the hotel, and will have to attend an alcohol counseling class.