In other S.F. sports star style news, Tim Lincecum has formally debuted his new short 'do at today's Giants FanFest. We've known for a while that Timmy sheared his luscious locks for the 2013 season, but haven't gotten a really good look at him until now.

And he looks ... hmmm. How should we put this. If possible, Lincecum's new look makes him appear even more like a nerdy high school freshman than his Dazed and Confused-inspired former look. He still looks like Timmy, but some part of us kinda misses the old look, slouchy beanie and all. This version of Tim kind of looks like he would rat out the old Tim for smoking weed under the bleachers. Although after Lincecum's disappointing performance in the 2012 season, maybe a more businesslike look might be just the change the two-time Cy Young award-winner needs.

If we had our druthers, we'd opt for a time-honored pitcher's haircut: the mullet. Just picture it: the business of getting the 2013 season on track in front, and the party after another World Series win in back. How about it, Timmy?