Pedro Villamore Jr., a 44-year-old homeless man, died of pneumonia complicating AIDS, according to report made available by the San Francisco Medical Examiner's office. Villamore's was found dead on Castro Street in December 2011.

Villamore's family and friends say that problems with drugs made maintaining housing a struggle, and although he was receiving HIV medications and disability insurance, he didn't want to be "cooped up" in a hospital and would rather be outside.

Villanova's body was discovered by a man who noticed him while walking his dog on the evening of December 8. The man thought Villamore was asleep in the doorway of 532 Castro Street, but called the police after observing the body in the same spot at noon the next day. The medical examiner determined the date of death to be December 8.

The death highlights the problems of managing treatment and housing infrastructures of homeless individuals who can slip through the cracks, whether intentionally or no.

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