The suspected gunman in Friday's despicable and tragic shooting during Art Murmur/First Fridays is now in custody. Oakland police arrested him on Saturday night but have not yet released his name, pending formal charges. He is expected to be identified today or tomorrow, when charges are filed.

The shooting came after a year of swelling attendance at the street festival and art walk, where upwards of 20,000 people show up each month. Mayor Jean Quan issued a statement over the weekend saying the city is "taking immediate action to assess the security and overall nature of the event," suggesting that the monthly event may be in danger of getting canceled. It's a this-is-why-we-can't-have-nice-things situation, and obviously unfortunate for everyone.

Assuming there is another First Friday on March 1, a community group is planning to hold a vigil against violence that night.

Friday's shooting took the life of 18-year-old Kiante Campbell and wounded three other people, including two female bystanders, one of whom was from San Francisco.

The incident followed some sort of confrontation in the parking lot of a beauty supply business on Telegraph Avenue between 20th and 21st streets, and also shot was Campbell's 17-year-old friend.


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