BART has just in the last year passed a new law that allows them to ban people from the system for periods of anywhere from 30 days to a year if they are caught committing crimes like defecating/peeing in stations or on trains; defacing BART property; or assaulting a BART agent, as one man did in recent years after he pushed his way into a female station agent's booth. They're now holding a series of community meetings to inform the public about the law, and to seek feedback on their implementation of the law, which is scheduled to be complete by May.

Antonette Bryant, president of the station agents' union, says, "I was a station agent for almost 22 years, and I saw my share of repeat offenders. This law is important to protect employees and riders. It creates a mechanism to deal with repeat offenders."

It's unclear to us how the multi-county system is going to keep track of people they want to ban, but we suppose such "repeat offenders" are known to many already.

And yes, hopefully this law will decrease the volume of feces you encounter on your daily commute.

[BART via SF Weekly]