Well, sort of, anyway: This morning at the San Francisco Zoo, Boone the Black Rhino (named for Alex Boone, the white offensive lineman) devoured the Baltimore Ravens for a light morning meal. Unfortunately, Boone's meal was neither an actual raven nor Ray Lewis. Rather, it was slices of yellow squash, eggplant and cabbage fashioned to look like the NFL team's logo.

Earlier this month, the human Boone visited the San Francisco Zoo to meet his horned quadruped namesake, kiss a giraffe on the face and feed a prairie dog. Because he is tolerant of all species, obviously. The mohawked linebacker also established the Alex Boone Animal Education Project, which brings local children to the Zoo to "learn leadership and respect through the theme of animal wellness." If the Niners win the Super Bowl this weekend, Boone promised to shave his hair into a rhino horn. Because why the hell not?

Since exchanging bets is all the rage before major sporting events, the Zoo also set a wager with the Maryland Zoo - home to Rise and Conquer, the official raven mascot of Baltimore's NFL team. "Should the 49ers be so lucky to win the Super Bowl," said Maryland Zoo President and CEO Don Hutchinson, "Baltimore is prepared to name our Raven exhibit the 'San Francisco 49ers Exhibit,'" for a one month. If the Ravens win, Boone the Rhino's exhibit will be renamed to honor the Ravens for a month. "We'll even have Boone's enrichment look like crow, I mean, raven," S.F. Zoo Executive Director Tanya Peterson said. "Because if the 49ers lose, we are all eating crow here!"

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