Yesterday we learned of an FBI search of a home at 1106-1108 Masonic Avenue relating to the cold case of the disappearance of 10-year-old Kevin Collins in 1984. Investigators busted through the concrete in the building's basement and a cadaver dog sniffed out some bones which, preliminarily, appear to belong to an animal, but further testing is required. Regardless of the outcome of that test, SFPD homicide investigator Joe Toomey believes they're on the right track, finally, with the right suspect.

The suspect's first name is Kelly (last name not yet disclosed), and he is now deceased. He lived with his partner Jack Chow in the downstairs unit of the building for about ten years, according to the former landlord Daryl McCurry, who spoke to Bay City News about what he remembered about the men. All he said was that they were self-sufficient tenants and he "never noticed anything funny going on there."

The building where Jack and Kelly lived in 1984 is directly across the street from the St. Agnes School, where Kevin Collins was on the day of his disappearance. It turns out Kelly had been questioned before, six days after Collins' disappearance, but the basement of the house had never been searched.

Kevin had been sitting on a bench, wearing a San Francisco Giants jacket, waiting for a bus at Oak and Masonic when he disappeared on February 10, 1984. According to The Charley Project, it was never believed that he ran away because he was not having any problems at home, but he was being bullied at school.

ABC 7 found via a source that investigators have already traveled to Whistler, British Columbia, where Chow retired. Chow says that Kelly never exhibited any interest in pedophilia, and he knew nothing about the boy's disappearance. Still, investigators are now hunting for a vehicle the two owned (could it possibly still exist?) which may contain further evidence. There are also "other leads" that the police have not yet revealed.

The disappearance of 10-year-old Kevin Collins in 1984 shocked the city, and made national headlines at a time when panic about abductions was running high. And as we mentioned yesterday, news organizations have posited many theories about it over the years, including one just last October when ABC 7 connected the Collins case to an unidentified "fourth boy" that serial killer Jon Dunkle confessed to killing around that time.

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