That Hayward, California couple's embarrassing decision to wire $5,900 to some joker in Boca Raton actually paid off in the end. After the story broke yesterday, Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard called Sharon Osgood to let her know she and her boyfriend would get four free tickets to the big game in exchange for being outed as Super Bowl XVLII's biggest suckers. They also get to have breakfast with Troy Aikman.

The 49ers front office also called Osgood ā€” a four year season ticket holder ā€” to offer free tickets. In all, the couple now has five good seats and could probably sell that extra one at a nice profit. Osgood didn't get the $5,900 she wired to one "R. Thomas Pham Guan" of Boca Raton, the Mercury News reports, but she has filed a police report in Alameda County in an attempt to track the guy down.

With the promise of great seats, Sharon, her boyfriend and their family members planned to leave for New Orleans in their RV Tuesday night. When they arrive at the game, Ticketmaster will present her with the tickets in a warm fuzzy photo op, with a reminder that Ticketmaster fees are always more convenient than dealing with scammers.

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