A couple from Hayward, California hoping to see their San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans on Sunday fell victim to a nefarious hoax this week after wiring nearly $6,000 to a man in Boca Raton who claimed to be a Baltimore Ravens season ticket holder. They should have known you can never trust anyone from Boca Raton.

The couple apparently spent a week communicating with a man they found on Craigslist (red flag #1) via email, text and phone calls before agreeing to wire (flag #2) nearly six grand to his credit union. On Monday, they received their FedEx envelope, but instead of the four tickets they had agreed to purchase at double their face value, they a lame printout of a Super Bowl XLVII promotional materials and a note scrawled with the trollish message (sic, obviously): "ENJOY THE GAME!!!! GOO RAVENS!!! LOL."

The woman, who is just being called "Susan" out of complete embarrassment at the situation told the San Jose Mercury News I'm just sick -- like, physically sick." The envelope was scrawled with "Go Ravens!!" and scammer was even so bold as to include his return address and phone number along with the ALL CAPS note. The Super Bowl troll goes by the name of R. Thomas Pham Guan and claimed to be season ticket holder at Baltimore's FedEx M&T field even though he told Sharon and her boyfriend that he lived with his pregnant wife in Florida (flag #3).

The Craigslist ad, which was surrounded by familiar warnings to never wire funds to anyone, has since been taken down and no one answered Guan's phone number when the Mercury News came calling. Still, Sharon's faithfulness in the Niners could not be shaken: She said she and her boyfriend still plan to head to New Orleans for the game along with two family members — even if they have to watch it from a bar on Bourbon Street.

Update Jan. 29th: They're going to the Super Bowl!