Organically minded grocery shoppers seeking out Tombstone alternatives may want to check the labels on their Annie's Homegrown brand organic frozen pizzas. The Berkeley-based packaged foods maker has issued a recall on a variety of frozen pizzas after metal fragments were found in the dough at one of their third-party crust production facilities.

The metal fragments apparently came off of a defective mesh screen at the flour mill and some may be too small to be detected by metal detectors. Let's ignore the fact that our frozen pizzas are apparently subjected to the same rigorous security measures as airplane passengers (recalled pizzas are terrorists in this metaphor), and just remember that this means there could be metal fragments lodged in that Annie's Organic BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza you bought when you promised yourself you'd stop eating out so much and start eating better at home.

No one has reported any pizza-related injuries yet, but all varieties of Annie's pizzas are affected (and delicious! maybe!). You'll want to look for the "best by" dates between "09Jan13" and "14Sep13" to know if you got the bonus toppings you didn't ask for. Anyone with questions can call the Annie's Homegrown Pizza hotline at (888) 825-6720 or check the FDA's recall page for more information.