Although we've had a preliminary glimpse with these sultry promo shots, it feels like we've been waiting ages — like the same amount of time we wait for a new iPhone, basically — to see how noted method actor and Pop Chips salesperson Ashton Kutcher would fare in the role of the late Steve Jobs. Today we found out:

Kutcher, best known for his roles as Ashton Kutcher, is doing a great job of playing Ashton Kutcher here. We weren't there when the late Apple CEO and Steve Wozniak (played here by bit man Josh Gad) were getting their fledgling personal computer company off the ground, but it is actually impossible for Ashton Kutcher to sound like anyone other than Michael Kelso cracking jokes in Foreman's basement. We want to be excited that someone smarter than us changed the world when he decided we all needed personal computers, but in Kutcher's sneakers it just comes off as stonerbabble.

Don't even get us started on the terribly capitalized title: jOBS. (Get it? Because the "j" is lowercase? Like the "i" in "iPod"? And they're both short words. Except shouldn't it be jObs? Now that would be a terrible name for a movie.) We digress. The movie, which debuted at Sundance only to be eclipsed by Fruitvale and others, opens wide April 19th.

Fanboys: there is hope yet for the Jobs legacy on the big screen. We're still waiting for Aaron Sorkin's backstage-at-the-keynotes biopic, which is scheduled to be released whenever Sorkin gets around to finishing the script.

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