Last we'd heard, the first stage of the partial closing and renovation of Dolores Park was set to begin right about now. But today we learn from Dolores Park Works that the project is about six months behind, and still in its final planning stages, with construction set to begin in Fall 2013.

The first phase was to include the closing of the southern half of the park, including the gay beach/fruit shelf, where a new bathroom is going to be built into the hillside east of the playground.

A second restroom building will be built on the opposite corner of the park, near the basketball court (and the new multi-use/bicycle polo court), by the entrance at 18th and Church.

Other improvements: improved ADA-compliant entries and pathways, renovated sport courts, a new operations building beneath the basketball court, removal of the current operations/restroom building, proposed improvements to the MUNI tracks, safe crossing across Church Street, new irrigation and drainage, new picnic areas, a renovated multi-use field, two improved dog play areas, and overall rehabilitation of the landscape.

The second phase of construction, in which all of hipster hill will be closed, would likely begin the following spring, in 2014, with completion by Fall of 2014.

[Dolo Park Works]