Have your bicep-kissing Kaepernicking moments felt a little lackluster lately? Having some underwhelming performances in the endzone? Maybe what you are missing, dear faithful Niners fan, is the power of God in the former of inky arm decorations. Enter: KaeperTats, full-size recreations of the late season starter's much publicized arm adornments.

Kaepertat.com, the enterprising site capitalizing on Kaeper Fever in the lead up to the Super Bowl, doesn't offer much insight on how long these temporary tats last. (If we put them on right now, will they last until February? Or will we have to refrain from showering?) They do, however, offer a trio of Kaepernick body markings for a reasonable (we guess?) $19.99. Sadly, you won't be able to go full Kaepernick with the Phil Collins-quoting "Against All Odds" chestpiece, but if you order by January 31st you can have a stack of tattoos ready for everyone at your Super Bowl party.

Below, 5-year-old Sarah Redden demonstrates how to properly kiss one's biceps (while rapping):

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