Public nudists of San Francisco have less than 15 days to put their flaccid penises under wraps. Or do they?! The fate of Scott Wiener's public nudity ban will be decided in a federal court hearing today. The activists, if you will, say that they have the right to bare their baby arms and more per the U.S. Constitution.

SF Appeal reports:

The activists, represented by attorney Christina DiEdoardo, argue that being nude is protected on constitutional grounds as expressive speech and that the ordinance violates the equal protection clause by exempting events like Folsom Street Fair and the Pride Parade.

The city attorney's office is defending the ordinance and argues that courts have consistently upheld nudity bans against similar challenges.

Nudists will gather outside the federal courthouse at 450 Golden Gate Avenue for a rally prior to the 1:30 p.m. hearing. However, the odds of the ban being overturned are slim to none. Wrap it up, boys.