A little after noon today, a police chase ended at Fifth and Harrison, just outside All Star Donuts. According to unconfirmed reports, one person is dead, another injured. However, according to the manager at All Star, no fatalities occurred and the chase involved a man and a woman on a motorcycle evading cops.

The donut supervisor went on to tell SFist that "the man crashed into a truck and the woman was pulled underneath. She had a yellow bag covering her body, but I saw her moving."

We'll update as soon as we know more.

Update: The chase started after the motorcycle went through the Bay Bridge's toll plaza without paying. Oops. The bike also didn't have plates. Double oops. SF Appeal has more:

Officers tried to pull the bike over near Treasure Island but it continued west, traveling at speeds of up to 80 mph before exiting at the Fremont Street off-ramp, Ferguson said.

The motorcyclist then turned left onto Harrison Street and ran red lights before crashing into a large waste-oil truck, according to Ferguson.

Both the driver and the female passenger were hospitalized. No one was killed, thankfully. Arrests will presumably be made.