A little quirk following the redrawing of State Senate districts has left Marin County without a senator, and you better believe they are FREAKING OUT about this. As a poor spokesperson for Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) says, after being inundated with calls from Marin residents at Evans' office, "Marin is probably the most engaged citizenry in the state as far as regular voters and actively engaged voters." Evans is likely to become the "caretaker" of the unrepresented district until they get to elect a new senator in 2014.

Marin used to fall within Mark Leno's district, however his district was redrawn and he now only represents San Francisco, along with Leland Yee, whose district now overlaps with those of Leno and Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo).

Marin residents feel they still have a relationship with Leno, and thus they sort of have two people to look out for them now. However Leno no longer officially represents them, and one can imagine his staff are relieved not to have to return calls to the persistent crazies who won't stop with the griping about SmartMeters.