As Gizmodo notes today, "John McAfee is basically liveblogging his jail stint on a Central American murder rap from the personal computer of a Guatemalan jail warden." Yep. McAfee was detained yesterday in Guatemala on charges that he entered the country illegally. Meanwhile, Vice has been following him around and got exclusive footage of him getting detained, and talking crazy about how "they" would have come and killed him in his hotel room at 2 in the morning with no one watching, with they being the Belize government.

He got nabbed in Guatemala yesterday, possibly because Vice called attention to his location, and he's already taken up blogging from the jail where they're holding him, writing things like "I enjoy living, and suicide is absurdly redundant. The world, from the very begining, hurls viruses, accidents, hungry animals, defective DNA — and uncountable more — in an attempt to kill us. It always succeeds. Suicide is simply aiding and abetting." As of today, Guatemala has refused to grant him asylum, and he may be sent back to Belize.

As we told you the other week, McAfee has been engaged in a weeks-long media deluge as he was wanted as a person of interest in the murder of a neighbor on the Belizean Island where he lives. There's still no warrant for his arrest in Belize, but he's been on the run and madly blogging the whole thing, insisting that he doesn't trust the Belizean authorities and says he's scared for his life "because he has sensitive information about official corruption and refused to donate to local politicians."

Also, he may or may not have been manufacturing meth.

The eccentric and very garrulous millionaire once had a $100 million fortune (it's probably considerably smaller now), and has been cavorting in recent years with various young women in Central America, some of whom are probably prostitutes.

Below, the video Vice put up yesterday, featuring McAfee, hair and beard freshly dyed, nonchalantly surrendering to authorities in Guatemala. It was suggested earlier this week that it's actually Vice's fault for blowing McAfee's cover, because they took an iPhone photo with McAfee that had GPS data attached, pinpointing his location in Guatemala.