Blogger/gay-rights activist Michael Petrelis has been ordered to stay at least 150 yards away from Supervisor Scott Wiener for snapping a shot of the elected official inside a bathroom at San Francisco City Hall. See, Petrelis was attempting to take a pic of Wiener's penis. (And thus a barrage of endless puns used by presumably smart editors were born.) But their beef began long before that. Petrelis has clashed with Wiener over the nudity ban, and over the rainbow flag stuff in the Castro.

In an October 27 post, Petrelis wrote, "Scott Wiener was standing at the urinal and just started to tinkle as I entered and the camera took 4-6 seconds to focus, enough time for him to put away his wiener and zip up." And that, at least according to Judge Donna Little, constitutes Petrelis as a peeping tom.

After the ruling, Petrelis' attorney, Derek St. Pierre, said they "will be fighting this case" and that "[t]he restraining order makes it very difficult for Mr. Petrelis to continue on as a journalist."

And with that, we bid this bout of Castro drama adieu.