There is still no tenant or specific use being talked about for the long vacant pigeon's nest known as the Hibernia Bank, at Jones and Market, but it's on the docket for today's Historic Preservation Commission meeting. We heard from a griping Nevius earlier this year that there was an ongoing fight about whether or not the developer that currently owns the property would be allowed to remove a marble teller's counter inside the former bank's lobby. (It will, pretty obviously, never be a bank again, but there was some talk of it being converted to a retail use.) And that alteration, along with the removal of some light fixtures, the addition of something on the rooftop, and the removal of the exterior gates, are being discussed today, among other things.

The developer, which last we knew was Dolmen Property Group, is not saying what they want to do with the building. But one clue: They're making accessibility upgrades for a new "assembly" use of the building, as Curbed reports.

Stay tuned as things may finally move forward this thing sometime next year.


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