Ladies and gentlemen of San Francisco, Hoarders (a.k.a. SFist Brock's favorite show, after Intervention) is returning with a new episode that was shot in the Lower Haight, and it airs next Monday.

Haighteration caught the shoot occurring back in June, at "a large peach-colored Victorian on Fillmore Street just off of Page," and now we get to see just what a cluttered nightmare residents BG and Lee are living. According to the teaser copy, they "have filled their million-dollar Victorian home with hoards of stuff--and now are even competing to see who can bring in the most stuff," and they're "locked in ... a real-life 'War of the Roses.'" Watch the full preview here. It airs at 9 p.m. on A&E on December 10. We can hardly wait.

Previously, Hoaders has paid a visit to a dude in the woods near Santa Cruz who has a huge personal junkyard, and then a real-life episode played out in a Monterey County home where 113 dead kittens were found back in July.